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Franklin Home Watch Pricing

Franklin Home Watch services are priced to suit you and your home's needs. Contact us for a free home watch consultation so we may provide you with a free personalized quote.

*Below pricing is for estimate purposes.

2,000 SF

3,000 SF

4,000 SF

5,000 SF





Price is per scheduled visit of the property.


Pricing is based upon total square footage of home, covered lanai, garage and out buildings.


Properties with a square footage above 5000 sq. ft. add $5 per each 1000 sq. ft.

What is Included in Our Home Watch Service?

Our home watch services includes comprehensive walkthroughs of your property both inside and outside. Below is an example of what is inspected and can be customized to your needs:


  • Check security system.

  • Check all windows & doors including garage door ensuring they are locked & water-tight.

  • Check for signs of water damage, mold & mildew on ceilings, walls, baseboards, floors, storage areas, cabinets & closets.

  • Check for signs of intrusion by pests.

  • Check breaker panel for tripped switches.

  • Ensure that electric water heater is turned off at the breaker box, gas water heaters are in pilot mode, and circulator pumps are off.

  • Check thermostat & humidistat settings adjusting when necessary.

  • Check refrigerator, freezer, & wine cooler for proper operation & temperature settings.

  • Visually inspect all smoke & carbon monoxide detectors.



  • Visually inspect grounds surrounding your home specifically the landscaping, lawn, & fencing.

  • Removal of newspapers, & flyers.

  • Check exterior doors, windows, & screens for signs of forcible entry or vandalism.

  • Visually check roof & gutters for potential issues.

  • Check for any exterior insect infestation.

  • Check screened enclosure for structural integrity & tears in screening.

  • Removal of trash & recyclables.

  • Check to make sure pool is being serviced.

  • Mail & parcel retrieval or forward weekly upon request.

  • Hurricane preparation is available upon request.

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